"To The Moon!"


RIDE is an Advanced Ethereum Smart Contract. RIDE DeFi token created for all as an asset with a 5% reflection built in for holders. Overall Ride has a 10% transaction fee when sold to encourage holding but when Ride is sold 5% will be distributed to holders, 3% goes to liquidity and 2% will be a true burn to the burn wallet.


Ticker:  RIDE        Token:  Ethereum ERC-20        Total Supply:  1,000,000,000,000,000         

Contract: 0x5e80c96cd07b80c6a37b97552f15289d3e9b61fd



Advanced Ethereum Smart Contract

Ride is truly an advanced smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain.  Our DeFi Token contract has been written and reviewed by three developers.  It has been enhanced for speed and efficiency. It has been checked for security and vulnerability issues passing with 0 issues[MythX Audit]. We have enhanced functions in our contract so it can be updated when Uniswap and other Exchanges update, this way we are not left behind on unsupported systems.  We will always be functioning efficiently.  It is the most advanced and latest in smart contracting.



The tokenomics can be summarized into 3 fundamentals: Reflection, Liquidity Pool Acquisition and a True Burn.

  • 5% fee is redistributed to all existing holders
  • 3% fee is split 50/50 half of which is sold by the contract into ETH, while the other half of the RIDE tokens are paired automatically with the previously mentioned ETH and added as a liquidity pair on Uniswap.
  • 2% is distributed to our Burn wallet, which is a true burn. Our Burn wallet will not be able to receive reflections.  This means the full reflections goes to the holders and the burn wallet can not reduce the percentage of reflections gong to the holders.

Development of an Ecosystem

Ride DeFi Tokens are an asset and can be purchased and sent internationally but not only that we will be developing an ecosystem for the usage of Ride. We will build a solid foundation with a feature rich Ride Marketplace. One of our main features in the marketplace will be an optional use escrow system for safe transactions. Also we plan on developing mobile apps in several fields such as games, charity tools and more.  All based on the usage of the Ride DeFi Token, built with integrity. Keep an eye out for us in the crypto news.


Our development roadmap to the ecosystem and the utilization of the Ride DeFi Token.

Quarter 3

- Create our Advanced Smart Contract
- Test, Check and Security Scan Ride Contract
- Set up Gnosis Safe Multisig Wallets for Charity & Developer wallet
- Deploy on Ethereum Blockchain
- Get Verified
- Setup SSL Website and Social Media Sites
- Trustsite Certification
- Whitepaper
- Advertising / Marketing

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July - Sept., 2021

Quarter 4

- Presale
- Uniswap
- Onboard a Legal Team for legal compliance and guidance
- Advertising / Marketing
- Begin Development of Ride Marketplace & Escrow System
- Begin Development of a simple purchase system for Ride Tokens
- Certik Audit
- Airdrops
- BitMart Exchange, MXC Exchange and more
- Target Key Countries
- Coin Market Cap, Coin Gecko and more listings

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Oct. - Dec, 2021

Quarter 1

- Development of our Marketplace App
- Development of our Escrow System App
- Development of our Simple Purchase Ride App/Wallet
- Integrate Ride Marketplace into Ride Wallet
- Add an Escrow Feature to our Marketplace
- Marketing Phase 1 of Targeting Key Countries
- Expand to more Crypto Exchanges

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Jan - March, 2022

Ride Listed in Exchanges

A reason to say ”Started from the bottom, now we’re here.”

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Mobile Applications

You know the famed Steve Jobs saying ”There’s an app for that?” Of course, there had to be an app for RIDE as well. RIDE is not only a DeFi token with an amazing ecosystem for usage but we will also be a mobile application development company based on the usage of the Ride DeFi token.

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